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Oh my… It’s July July 11, 2013

Looking back on many of my previous posts I notice a concurrent theme: a lack of time!

It seems there are definitely not enough hours in the day. However, I have stolen back an hour out of my busy life to update this page quickly.

What has been happening I hear you ask. My reply would be quite a lot since my last post in March. I will try to summarise this to prevent boredom ūüôā in no particular order other than the order it springs to mind..

1. Madalaine had her birthday in June. – She had a craft party with 8 of her friends, followed by a sleepover for 6. For the craft party I attempted to keep it simple and ordered supplies from Yellow Moon. It was great fun! I have to admit to being nervous about having 6 children sleeping over and did not expect much sleep. I was pleasantly surprised that by 12am, all children were still friends; there had been no emotional breakdowns and all children were sound asleep! I went to bed with what felt like one eye and ear open. Despite the initial morning grumpiness, there were¬†interesting accounts of who¬†nodded off first etc. Thanks to¬†tactful activity planning we all survived until parents/carers arrived…

Then took a deep breath! Ahhhhhh.

Pictures : The Birthday Girl and Opening Presents

2. The end of 1st year at Uni. – After weeks of running around like a headless chicken, wishing I had more time, wishing I lived closer and did not have such a long commute: the semester was done. Finished. Ended. It felt a little peculiar not being in such a rush anymore.. and I have to say I do miss some of my friends. However, September is fast approaching so I shall not wish the summer away. I passed all my modules, with the exception of French, for which I have a resit in August. I never was good with languages, but I really must get my head in gear with this. Any tips would be warmly welcomed! I picked my modules for the next two semesters and in geekish Kat style I am quite excited about them!

I did have to nip up to Glasgow a few weeks after we broke up, so had to meet up with two of the girls ūüôā Miss you two lovelies, see you after summer!!Image

3. Alright doll-face.. – Shell turned me into a doll as part of her college project.. It was actually great fun and I would do it again in a shot! The idea was to create a complete look of a living doll. It was the first time I have used contacts properly, but I think they looked brilliant! She has such a talent!


4. Sam is as crazy as ever – and has her hair shaved into a blonde Mohawk. She actually suits it. That girl can get away with everything ‚̧

5. School Holidays!! – Yep, Madalaine is looking forward to her long break from school. So far this has consisted of spending almost a week at her Nana and Papa’s house and going for a 15mile cycle run, tennis lessons, trips to the beach, her friend’s birthday party (who’s Mum always make fantastic cake!) and lots of time spent playing out in the sun.¬†Sam and I are looking into¬†relatively cheap¬†holidays away at the moment. I would like to go somewhere warm, relaxing and pretty. I think I will blame my parents for this as we¬†went to Cornwall and Devon a lot as kids. So watch this space for updates on holidays! Hopefully.

So much for a summary ūüėČ hope to post soon! I have a few crafty¬†things I would like to post separately about so come back soon ūüėÄ xxxx