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Easter in a flash! Part 2 April 19, 2012

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After Perri and Taylor had gone home we took Jay for a couple of nights to have a sleepover. Being just a bit older than Madalaine they seem to get on well. But only for so long! I think the day before it was time to go home bossy Madalaine came out to play. They had spent too much time together and it was really starting to show. Being an only child she must be used to having some regular quiet time lol! We had a visit to the park again (cheap, cheerful and fun), and Madalaine wanted to take Jay to her Nana’s to meet the dog Jake and the chickens. Jay fed the chucks and they both checked the hut for eggs.

They found two freshly laid eggs and took them home for the following days breakfast.

Yumyum, have to say how much I prefer the taste of freshly laid, organic, free range hen eggs to shop bought ones.