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Easter Ice Cream.. With a helping of snow.. April 3, 2012

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The Easter Holidays have commenced, the thought of children on a sugar high in a frantic frenzie before they crash with a BANG.. is kind of like the start to a terrible horror movie! But then again..if that sugar comes from Cream o’Galloway icecream I could probably be tempted 😉

The idea today was to head down there and get involved with their ‘wildlife and bird’ arty stuff.. But when we arrived the last thing we wanted to do was get blown away standing outside! The wind was bitter and the hail was turning to snow! So of course the only other thing for it was to go get icecream! 😀


Madalaine had chocolate, Perri had vanilla, Sam had mango and lemon curd, I had mint choc chip and Taylor had a taste of it all!



Perri enjoyed her’s that much I wondered whether she had inhaled it! It was gone that fast I didn’t even manage to get a photo!

I personally love Cream o’ Galloway icecream, but sometimes it is a bit too rich and creamy! Two years ago Sam took me to a little place outside of Dumfries called Drummuir Farm. It was like a smaller scale Cream o Galloway, the icecream was slightly cheaper, and their park free. Their icecream was as good as, if not better than, Cream o Galloway’s. If you haven’t been I would highly recommend it.

Tired and grumpy children however.. I would not recommend. Their sugar high was spent exploring the indoor adventure area, so by the time it came to leave they appeared to be feeling rather.. irritable. Bless. That includes the big kid Sam btw 😉 ..although she will probably tell me off for saying that! LOL!

Sleepy time now, the girls are having a sleep over and Taylor crashed out and is now.snoring heavily in the travel cot.. is it my turn yet?? ♡