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Global Warming?? March 26, 2012

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What’s better than a sunny day at school? How about a sunny day at school followed by a trip to the beach 🙂

I did have work to be doing, but on a day like it was today.. Which in all honesty was probably our whole summer thanks to global.warming.. Who could resist a trip to the beach. I did expect it to be quite cool, but it was lovely.

There really is something about sitting by the sea when it is calm and quiet (not including the children of course!) that is like a tonic to the soul..

Anyhow.. Madalaine had a lovely couple of hours, even if the water was a little cold to swim in 😉


For a little girl who wasn’t keen on playing with boys a few months ago (to the point of rudely shutting the door in their face if they asked her to come out to play) she appears to be changing her mind pretty fast. She even told us after school that she doesn’t want to be partners with the girls tomorrow as she has had enough of being their partners. Bless her, i think her PINK glasses are coming off and she is seeing that people are people.. It doesn’t matter if they are boys or girls they are nice to play with if they have a nice personality.

If so.. What a lovely life lesson to learn on such a lovely day!!


She also has decided she very much likes these shorts. Thanks Aunty Louise and Charlotte 🙂 they are now a cute fit!


Aaah… Happy days.. Long may they continue. Life does have its ups and downs, but its when you stop and just breathe for a moment that you realise how much things mean, and how short life is. Nothing lasts forever; I guess we have to grasp the moment and live it.



Spring babies day 6

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Today the babies are looking a lot more fluffy. They are alot more active and quite noisy grunting and squeaking away. All have lovely full bellies.. And possibly all have lovely homes waiting. It makes me a little sad to think that in a couple of months we are going to have to say bye, but also happy that they will be as loved as their parents.

Today was a beautiful sunny day, and the babies must have been getting a bit too warm in their fluffy nest. They made a hole in the top and sat with their heads out!




They still have their eyes shut.. Madalaine found one wandering about the nest box this morning and was very excited to have rescued it and put it back in its nest. I think she is starting to like them a bit more now they are getting fluffy.


Friday night in Glasgow! March 23, 2012

Well.. The title makes it sound a bit more exciting than in reality 😉

So.. Tonight I am in the middle of Glasgow surrounded by all the hustle and bustle of people running around.. Or seeing as its a Friday night.. Falling about!

I probably could head out and hit the pubs.. But i probably won’t. It’s actually really nice to have some me time; without feeling guilty for not putting that wash on, not feeling like i should be cleaning those dishes, not thinking about all the work i have to do for college and wondering what i should do first. Don’t get me wrong I am actually sitting in the hotel room wondering what Madalaine is doing, hoping she is dreaming sweet dreams.. I guess that just comes with the job description of being a parent. I hear Sam is just away to bed feeling ill again.. And wonder if she is going to be ok.

My mind for once feels at ease! I know it is going to be a busy day at the NUS Scotland LGBT Conference tomorrow.. Which can be followed on twitter using #scotlgbt12. So for tonight i think i will just enjoy the relaxed state of mind i appear to be in!

All thats missing is a cd by the inspirational Heather Bestel called ‘a little bit of me time’ or something similar.. A face mask and a glass of champagne. So for those of you in my psychology class.. Which part of my personality is getting the best of me tonight 🙂

So all those drunks better be quiet.. Tonight im chilling. (literally actually.. Wonder how i use the heating button lol)


Two days old rabbit kits <3 March 22, 2012

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So we just checked on the babies to make.sure they were all still alive and kicking..

And they sure are! I haven’t been feeling to well so spent most of the day curled up on the sofa; and heard the occasional squeak coming from their nest.. They sound adorable!


The two black ones are looking a bit more fluffy.. Very wriggly and enjoy snuggling into each other. The one on the right of the picture is the bigger and the smaller less active one is on the left. They both had big full tummies again.


The two black and white ones were also fluffy, and felt very soft! They are strong; wriggling about, and appeared to enjoy having their heads strokes gently.

Mum bun Tootsie was keeping an eye on us bouncing about while we were checking on her babies.. Even decided to come sit with us.


Will update with more info and piccies soon.. Have to go check on the seedlings we planted and then get some of my Psychology Investigaton done.
Let me know what you think, if you would like me to add more pictures etc then just let me know and i’ll see what I can do. Also I apologize for my awful spelling and punctuation at the moment as I am blogging from my mobile.. It seems to make it a but more difficult! Xx


Spring babies.

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So.. Our female bunny had 4 kits. Two black, two black and white. She had made a nest about two weeks ago and pulled out a little bit of furr.

On the first day they looked like this.. She had pulled out LOTS more furr. If you can make them out in this picture. If you can’t they looked like little wrinkly furrless sausages wriggling around in the furr and hay! Lol


When they were one day old we had another check at them.. Just to make sure they had all made it through the night ok.. They all had got a little more furry over night!


This one appears to be fine 😉 snuggling in to Sam’s hand.


This one was a real wriggler! They both look.very similar apart from one having two dots on its nose and the other having just one.


We think this little one is a girl, and is the bigger of the two black ones..


This one is the smallest of the four, not as active, still had a full belly though so hoping she does ok.. Fingers crossed.

Madalaine of course is VERY excited about the babies. Although she wasnt too keen on how they looked! Her words were “ohh, um, theyre not very nice are they” with a screwed up face.. I think she expected them to be just identical to the bigger buns. Bless!


She tells me she does love them all the same even though she doesn’t think they are very pretty. Hahaha. Perhaps she will change her mind when they are all fluffy and bouncy.

Will try to update with more info later 🙂
Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I have had lota of comments about leaving them and not touching then as their mum will reject them.. But i have also read quite a lot about them being ok to be checked as long as you have a strong bond with the mother, smell of her and she is ok with it.. What do you think? 🙂


Reality? Or state of mind? March 18, 2012

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So today was not the most successful of days. Madalaine was with her Dad this weekend, so Sam and I took the opportunity to head to Edinburgh. I had been invited to an open day for applicants applying to study at Napier Uni.

We managed to get to the uni on time, Sam left to have a look round the shops; and I found out I had ended up at the wrong campus. (thanks Sally Satnav) I managed to get in a minibus with two other girls that were at the wrong campus also and we got to the right one.

First impressions from the outside? Well in all honesty I was a tad scared.. No offence meant to anyone who lives in Edinburgh’s Sighthill.. But yeah, I doubt I would ever visit in the dark. Inside was lovely, fresh and modern, friendly people and lots of eager faces. Sitting in the lecture hall made me feel like I wanted to be at uni NOW.

Spoke to lots of people with stalls up giving information about certain things, saas, funding, accomodation etc. Finally spoke to the admissions team. All was going well.. Until: BOOOM dreams were slashed, chopped up and stamped upon. Ok, ok, perhaps a little dramatic.. But anyhow, they are not going to be considering late applications. Great, thanks alot.

My own fault I hear you shout? I hear you, I hear you. Yes I am able to work out dates and yes, I know that the cut off date was 15th Jan… but the harsh realities are that NOT everyone has a spare £22 to spend on applications all the time, ESPECIALLY in Jan. Being so skint actually sucks. MAJORLY. Paying £45 a week for fuel purely to get to college on an approximate 110mile round trip 3 days a week sucks especially without help towards it. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy my classes, but if I am not going to get any further what is the point! What admissions don’t know is that I would be a good student! I would be prepared to work my butt off to get where I want to be and to be able to provide a good standard of living for both Madalaine, Sam and myself. All i need is a little help getting from my tree to theirs, I’m not sure I can frog leap that far alone, my bags are too heavy and rocks keep getting in my way.

People talk about widening access to education to give the less well off people the same chances in education: but the facts are its not quite there yet. There is an invisible ceiling above my head that just refuses to be smashed! Sometimes it feels like it would be all too easy to just give up. Especially on days like this. Where to go from here? Your guess is as good as mine.


Love Equally March… February 15, 2012


So, yesterday was valentines day.. and instead of spending the day splashing out on the usual roses, chocolates, wine and expensive meals that appears to be expected in this consumerist society- we decided to spend it differently this year.

We spent it marching for the right to get married.

If you don’t already know; in  the UK same sex couples are unable to legally marry. They are allowed to have a civil partnership, without religious involvement other than a blessing afterwards (dependant on the religion involved).

Transgender individuals have it even harder. If they are married and wish to transition to the opposite gender they have to dissolve their marriage prior to transitioning, transition, then if they wish to have the same level of commitment with their partner as they previously had, they only have the option of getting a civil partnership. If the individual is previously in a civil partnership and wishes to transition to the opposite gender then they have the same issue. They have to dissolve their civil partnership, transition, then would not be allowed to re-enter into a civil partnership they would only be allowed to marry. All of this to be able to transition seems rather excessive and costly.

Personally I am unsure as to whether I would want much religious involvement, by background and childhood dreams of a big white wedding in a hideous meringue dress often still sway my decisions, but still I remain undecided.

Anyhow, a bright and early (or grumpy.. caffeine requiring) 7am rise was on the cards. We were Dumfries bound by 8:30am. After a quick stop to fix ‘Mary the blue rinse’s’ lights (our car.. named not just for amusement.. she is getting a tad old.. and fragile) we headed to Edinburgh. <- Ok, I have to admit.. via Moffat Toffee Shop. (seeing as we were passing it seemed rude not go sample some of their sugary goodness!)



Feeling like two country bumpkins we attempted to navigate the city in the search of somewhere to park. This was.. interesting. Unlike the price of parking.. that was disgusting.

The march departed from ‘Bistro Square’. We arrived there around 2:20pm and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of people standing.


Banner in hand, and raring to go we set off around 3pm. Over 1000 people attended to support the cause, including NUS, The Scottish Youth Parliament, The Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland, LGBT Nation Youth Council, Stonewall Scotland, and others.


We marched along the streets (if I knew Edinburgh better I could probably explain where better) people were waving from the windows, all responses I saw were positive bar one older gentleman who looked horrified and was shaking his head. For most of the way we marched in-front of a lady carrying a banner stating ‘Divorce lawyers supporting Equal Marriage’. She seemed to attract some attention; one man stopped her and took her photo telling her he was himself a lawyer.

Another person had a huge red heart banner that took two people to hold. It was quite impressive and I wish I had taken photos!

We arrived at the parliament building. Some groups chanting their songs, some were banging their banners, others were whistling. One kind fella behind us was blowing his whistle loudly.


We marched to the grass area at the side of the building where there was a stage set up for speakers: SYP Chair Grant Costello, Nathan Sparling NUS, Tom French from the Equality Network, Marco Biagi MSP, Patrick Harvie MSP and Marilyn Jackson, Registered Celebrant from the Humanist Society of Scotland.



I decided to take some random snaps of the crowd flocking in..



And even managed to get a snap of Sam holding the banner Winking smile



Apparently I hear there were two young boys holding banners asking for their Mummy’s to be allowed to marry.. adorable! Sadly I didn’t actually see them.

We listened to the speeches and then left.

It was lovely to meet up with people that I hadn’t seen for a while.. especially National Youth Council peeps.. ❤

After it had ended.. we met up with some lovely people at the pub.. we didn’t know them very well.. but they all seemed really nice.

I LOVE EDINBURGH. (but not the parking prices)

Driving home was interesting.. we ended up going the scenic route, which would have been lovely during daylight. We drove past Queen Margaret’s Uni on the way out of Edinburgh and it looked quite pretty.. I wonder if they will ever get back to me about my application…

By the time we got back to Dumfries we were both getting quite tired.

337860_10150577256309947_777609946_9226223_1371259275_o <- de-caffeinated..

So we hit the caffeine.. Caffeine in a can – you are the only answer sometimes!

Thankfully we woke up somewhat.. ok, more than somewhat.. and possibly bounced back home =)

415604_10150577256874947_777609946_9226226_1674181313_o <- re-caffeinated!


Anyways, it was a lovely way to spend valentines day.. and hopefully those in power will realise that separate is not equal, and will lift the ban on marriage; opening up both marriage and civil partnership both all. Maybe then i will reconsider whether I would like some religious involvement!

Thanks for reading!


P.S- I hope Alex Salmond enjoyed his 1000 valentines day cards Winking smile