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About Me :) December 31, 2010

About me..

Im a 26 year old student mum, with an amazing 7 year old daughter whom I adore. I like to think I am a secret optimist.. and have an overly active imagination.. but a rubbish memory!


2 Responses to “About Me :)”

  1. Susan Dunse Says:

    hi Kat how are you and Madalaine? not seen you around for a while I need more hours in the day!!! I would like 48hr days then maybe a 10 day week to let me do everything that I need to do but dont think I would get anybody else agreeing. take care xx

    • kitkats23 Says:

      We are good thanks! If you are about over the easter hols feel free to nip up for a cuppa 🙂 I would agree to it.. If night time hours were also extended 😉 ha but yeah defo never enough hours! Xx

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