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Easter in a flash! Part 1 April 23, 2012

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Well my plan to keep my blog updated during the easter holidays failed. Think I was kept a bit to busy for that 🙂

Madalaine did a grand job of sticking to not eating toast for lent. It was something she loved and decided to give up herself. Think it took will-power some mornings getting ready for school!

So during the holidays I was on a hunt for things we could do to get out the house, but for as little money as possible..

Madalaine had a sleepover for a night in Dumfries, then as mentioned in the earlier post we had a couple of nights sleepover at home. A trip to Cream o Galloway in the awful weather and a trip to Stranraer to play at the park. (We did take a detour via Logan Botanical Gardens on the hope to attend a paper making activity.. But it happened to be the wrong day.. Oops.) Anyhow, the kids had fun playing on the ship..



After a go on the train around the park, a play on the ship and a go on the park..



..we decided it was too windy and to head somewhere a little more sheltered.

Kirroughtree ahoy! For a little girl that used to be too scared to go on the wooden balance boards a few years ago; her confidence must be building. She did not make it all the way along.. But she gave it a good go!



Aww Taylor, such a gorgeous boy. Have to say I was a little envious of him being all snuggled up and toasty in the wind!

We went to the chocolate factory one day.. What a rip off to get into! But Madalaine loved it, she got to play inside on their adventure play area.. Make a chocolate easter egg.. A marshmallow caterpillar and a solid circle decorated with sweets. I noticed she had to test the chocolate she was using on numerous occasions.. Just to ensure the quality was to a high standard ;p



She also enjoyed playing outside.. Especially on the dinosaur. She preferred the smaller one.. While Perri prefered the huge one! 



Very brave! Madalaine also enjoyed sharing a slush puppy drink.. Her face when she got brain freeze after gulping it down was hilarious!! Poor thing!



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