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Dizzy days off.. November 21, 2013

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Time flies far too quickly these days. It doesn’t seem five minutes since I posted my last post. Today is update day thanks to feeling under the weather with a horrible headache and dizzy spells. 

I started my 2nd year at uni in September after deciding to travel instead of moving. After speaking with Madalaine’s teachers I felt she was thriving within the school environment, had made some close friends and was being encouraged with her reading in particular. After visiting a number of schools in Glasgow, I felt that she would not get the same treatment as she does at her school due to the small class size. So we decided to stay put for the time being.

The buses are a bit tiring, getting up for the 6:30am bus is especially hard. But hopefully it will be worth it in the end. 

It was nice to get back to uni and see everyone again, the summer felt very long and my brain as though it had turned into mashed potato! As I was not at uni through the summer I could ask for more hours at work. I enjoyed this, and once I was back at uni I felt like I hardly saw people from work! Catch 22! Working weekends is keeping me busy enough at the moment with the amount of uni work I have. 

Madalaine is now in P4! She has decided she has a crush, and that she likes boys with curly hair and freckles. I even caught her writing certain initials in her sweetcorn at dinner!! Apparently I am to ask his Mum if he can come over for dinner or if we could all go to the park. Upon asking why she can’t just ask him this she replied; “I can’t.. He just isn’t that kind of boy!! You have to get his Mum to tell him!” bless her.. young love. 

It has taken a few weeks, but I am finally getting used to there being just Madalaine and myself living in the flat. It feels a bit quiet sometimes, but it is quite peaceful. It is taking Madalaine a while to get used to Sam not being here, but she is happy knowing she can text her whenever she wants and can still see her. 

For my Mum’s belated (yep, I am never on time with anything!) birthday meal, we spent the evening at their house. My sister decided it would be a bit of fun to enforce the mandatory wearing of glowstick glasses…



… looking wonderful… perhaps!

For halloween Madalaine dressed up as a zombie bride. She actually told me the day before the school halloween party that she needed a zombie bride outfit. Needless to say this prompted a creative spurt and I spent the evening wrecking a dress for her, and creating a veil out of a hair clip and a friends underskirt!!


Rather spooky if I do say so myself!!

And as the dates go, a few days later came bonfire night. Also my friend Manda’s birthday. So we celebrated in style with some of the best baked potatoes I have ever tasted, tasty chocolate apples, and a few cups of tea! Oh, best not forget the fireworks display in her garden! 


I do hope the pegbag survived on the washing line!! The kids loved the fireworks.. 


And you can’t have a birthday firework party without sparklers!!!



Another great night that I half made it to was a friend’s hen party. 



This was a brilliant night. I was actually gutted I missed half of it, but guess you have to take shifts at work when they are available. I can’t remember the last time I was this drunk, and I am NEVER playing catch up again!! Felt terrible the next day! But it was definitely worth it. The wedding is next weekend.. I should probably hurry up and find a dress!! 

Will try update again soon! 


Oh my… It’s July July 11, 2013

Looking back on many of my previous posts I notice a concurrent theme: a lack of time!

It seems there are definitely not enough hours in the day. However, I have stolen back an hour out of my busy life to update this page quickly.

What has been happening I hear you ask. My reply would be quite a lot since my last post in March. I will try to summarise this to prevent boredom 🙂 in no particular order other than the order it springs to mind..

1. Madalaine had her birthday in June. – She had a craft party with 8 of her friends, followed by a sleepover for 6. For the craft party I attempted to keep it simple and ordered supplies from Yellow Moon. It was great fun! I have to admit to being nervous about having 6 children sleeping over and did not expect much sleep. I was pleasantly surprised that by 12am, all children were still friends; there had been no emotional breakdowns and all children were sound asleep! I went to bed with what felt like one eye and ear open. Despite the initial morning grumpiness, there were interesting accounts of who nodded off first etc. Thanks to tactful activity planning we all survived until parents/carers arrived…

Then took a deep breath! Ahhhhhh.

Pictures : The Birthday Girl and Opening Presents

2. The end of 1st year at Uni. – After weeks of running around like a headless chicken, wishing I had more time, wishing I lived closer and did not have such a long commute: the semester was done. Finished. Ended. It felt a little peculiar not being in such a rush anymore.. and I have to say I do miss some of my friends. However, September is fast approaching so I shall not wish the summer away. I passed all my modules, with the exception of French, for which I have a resit in August. I never was good with languages, but I really must get my head in gear with this. Any tips would be warmly welcomed! I picked my modules for the next two semesters and in geekish Kat style I am quite excited about them!

I did have to nip up to Glasgow a few weeks after we broke up, so had to meet up with two of the girls 🙂 Miss you two lovelies, see you after summer!!Image

3. Alright doll-face.. – Shell turned me into a doll as part of her college project.. It was actually great fun and I would do it again in a shot! The idea was to create a complete look of a living doll. It was the first time I have used contacts properly, but I think they looked brilliant! She has such a talent!


4. Sam is as crazy as ever – and has her hair shaved into a blonde Mohawk. She actually suits it. That girl can get away with everything ❤

5. School Holidays!! – Yep, Madalaine is looking forward to her long break from school. So far this has consisted of spending almost a week at her Nana and Papa’s house and going for a 15mile cycle run, tennis lessons, trips to the beach, her friend’s birthday party (who’s Mum always make fantastic cake!) and lots of time spent playing out in the sun. Sam and I are looking into relatively cheap holidays away at the moment. I would like to go somewhere warm, relaxing and pretty. I think I will blame my parents for this as we went to Cornwall and Devon a lot as kids. So watch this space for updates on holidays! Hopefully.

So much for a summary 😉 hope to post soon! I have a few crafty things I would like to post separately about so come back soon 😀 xxxx


2013 update… Where has the time gone!! February 27, 2013

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Wow.. It is almost March!! Where has the time gone!!

Months have passed since my last post so I thought it was possibly time for a quick update.

Where to start! We have moved house twice, from Newton Stewart to a house share in a cottage just outside Dumfries and then to a flat closer to the town centre. Madalaine moved schools, I started Uni, started working, and it’s all go go go..

The house share was an interesting experience… As I was not working in Newton Stewart it was practically impossible to save for a rental deposit to move closer to anywhere with better job prospects. So when the possibility of sharing a 4 bedroom cottage came up, I jumped at the chance. I was wary of moving Madalaine to a new school as she was settled at the one she was at previously, but hoped that it would be beneficial to us all in the long run.

The cottage was beautiful, set at the end of a farm track with a lovely big garden and vegetable plot. At first it felt a bit odd sharing space with others, but it soon started to feel homely. We were sharing with a friend and his Mum and their gorgeous but enormous dog. Madalaine enjoyed the space outside in the garden and whilst the weather was nice it was a lovely place to live. However once winter set in it was sooooooo cold! I had no experience of how expensive oil heating was to run, and have since vowed to NEVER take on a house with oil heating.

Here are some of the pictures from our time spent there:

cows These are some of the cows that looked so pretty roaming about the fields.. but moo’ed very loudly in the mornings! 😉


The table at Christmas, Dawn made a lovely early Xmas dinner.. and the chairs added a bit of humour 😀


Some of the apples on the tree in the garden.. They would have made a lovely cider.. but we never got round to it 😦


We got a new baby lionhead rabbit.. and called him/her Boo.. We thought it was a she.. until about a week ago when we realised she was actually a he… ooops lol


One of the plants in the garden attracted the butterflies like crazy! They looked so beautiful, I counted 20 odd on it at one time.


Even a few celebs came to visit 😉


He’s probably going to hate me for posting this picture.. but there were some really funny times..


And others where I got stuck in a sandwich…


We liked to pose occasionally..


And Madalaine got ready to start at her new school.. which has 63 pupils instead of 20 odd…


Sometimes I wondered who the biggest kid was.. but whoever it was in the end-up Conor was always a hit with the kiddies…


There were a few parties at the cottage, which Conor organised and pretty much decorated for by himself..


Sam and Megan stayed as crazy as ever…


The kitchen was often the hub of activity..


The skies were beautiful sometimes..


Yeah, if he doesn’t hate me for the last picture I posted.. then this one will do the trick 😀 sneaky sneaky..


Around bonfire night I think, it was fun to play with the sparklers…

toscatableAnd if there wasn’t a spare table in the house, there was always Tosca… 😀

There were lots of ups and downs to sharing the house.. But it was nice to eventually find a flat of our own. Although it does sometimes still seem a bit quiet…

So, our newest place is a flat close to the town.. it is easier to get about thankfully as my car died.. completely..

newhouseThis was taken in the flat.. Madalaine was eating her breakfast at an improvised table and chair.. 😉 we were still in the middle of moving.

TBC… 😉




Easter in a flash! Part 1 April 23, 2012

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Well my plan to keep my blog updated during the easter holidays failed. Think I was kept a bit to busy for that 🙂

Madalaine did a grand job of sticking to not eating toast for lent. It was something she loved and decided to give up herself. Think it took will-power some mornings getting ready for school!

So during the holidays I was on a hunt for things we could do to get out the house, but for as little money as possible..

Madalaine had a sleepover for a night in Dumfries, then as mentioned in the earlier post we had a couple of nights sleepover at home. A trip to Cream o Galloway in the awful weather and a trip to Stranraer to play at the park. (We did take a detour via Logan Botanical Gardens on the hope to attend a paper making activity.. But it happened to be the wrong day.. Oops.) Anyhow, the kids had fun playing on the ship..



After a go on the train around the park, a play on the ship and a go on the park..



..we decided it was too windy and to head somewhere a little more sheltered.

Kirroughtree ahoy! For a little girl that used to be too scared to go on the wooden balance boards a few years ago; her confidence must be building. She did not make it all the way along.. But she gave it a good go!



Aww Taylor, such a gorgeous boy. Have to say I was a little envious of him being all snuggled up and toasty in the wind!

We went to the chocolate factory one day.. What a rip off to get into! But Madalaine loved it, she got to play inside on their adventure play area.. Make a chocolate easter egg.. A marshmallow caterpillar and a solid circle decorated with sweets. I noticed she had to test the chocolate she was using on numerous occasions.. Just to ensure the quality was to a high standard ;p



She also enjoyed playing outside.. Especially on the dinosaur. She preferred the smaller one.. While Perri prefered the huge one! 



Very brave! Madalaine also enjoyed sharing a slush puppy drink.. Her face when she got brain freeze after gulping it down was hilarious!! Poor thing!



Easter in a flash! Part 2 April 19, 2012

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After Perri and Taylor had gone home we took Jay for a couple of nights to have a sleepover. Being just a bit older than Madalaine they seem to get on well. But only for so long! I think the day before it was time to go home bossy Madalaine came out to play. They had spent too much time together and it was really starting to show. Being an only child she must be used to having some regular quiet time lol! We had a visit to the park again (cheap, cheerful and fun), and Madalaine wanted to take Jay to her Nana’s to meet the dog Jake and the chickens. Jay fed the chucks and they both checked the hut for eggs.

They found two freshly laid eggs and took them home for the following days breakfast.

Yumyum, have to say how much I prefer the taste of freshly laid, organic, free range hen eggs to shop bought ones.



Easter Ice Cream.. With a helping of snow.. April 3, 2012

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The Easter Holidays have commenced, the thought of children on a sugar high in a frantic frenzie before they crash with a BANG.. is kind of like the start to a terrible horror movie! But then again..if that sugar comes from Cream o’Galloway icecream I could probably be tempted 😉

The idea today was to head down there and get involved with their ‘wildlife and bird’ arty stuff.. But when we arrived the last thing we wanted to do was get blown away standing outside! The wind was bitter and the hail was turning to snow! So of course the only other thing for it was to go get icecream! 😀


Madalaine had chocolate, Perri had vanilla, Sam had mango and lemon curd, I had mint choc chip and Taylor had a taste of it all!



Perri enjoyed her’s that much I wondered whether she had inhaled it! It was gone that fast I didn’t even manage to get a photo!

I personally love Cream o’ Galloway icecream, but sometimes it is a bit too rich and creamy! Two years ago Sam took me to a little place outside of Dumfries called Drummuir Farm. It was like a smaller scale Cream o Galloway, the icecream was slightly cheaper, and their park free. Their icecream was as good as, if not better than, Cream o Galloway’s. If you haven’t been I would highly recommend it.

Tired and grumpy children however.. I would not recommend. Their sugar high was spent exploring the indoor adventure area, so by the time it came to leave they appeared to be feeling rather.. irritable. Bless. That includes the big kid Sam btw 😉 ..although she will probably tell me off for saying that! LOL!

Sleepy time now, the girls are having a sleep over and Taylor crashed out and is now.snoring heavily in the travel cot.. is it my turn yet?? ♡



Rabbit kits day 12 April 1, 2012

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So.. The babies are getting ever so big!



These were taken a few days ago.. Growing up so fast!!


This little lady was enjoying snuggle time with Sam and her burnt chest! Must have been warm in there 😉 The next day the were a bit bigger..


Daddy Binkie had some fun playing in the cardboard castle I made.. He didn’t get all the way to the bottom,  big scaredy cat just wanted to play on the top level and shelf.


On day 9 all bunnies opened their eyes! Read that it is usually around 10 to 12 days so they must have been eager to check out their surroundings!


Anyhow, today they came out for a little while and had a play.. Only one of them was half hopping.. Bless. They must have worn themselves out though as after a good 5 mins three of them made a bunny pile up and had a nap.





While one little monkey was trying to sneak a feed off mum two of the others were trying to sneak a snooze in my boot! Don’t think they realise just how big they are getting…


Sam always gets lots of snuggles…


♥ they are so cute!